The Best Affordable Makeups On Your Wedding Day

The Best Affordable Makeups On Your Wedding DayI used to not be a fan of makeups until I have seen so many amazing YouTube makeup tutorials and I felt like I had an epiphany on how awesome these things could do not just on making someone more beautiful, but the amount of confidence one could get just by knowing how to put on make really amazed me. I grew up not loving makeups at all, but now I realized these things could really come in handy, especially on special occasions like a wedding. If you can’t afford to pay for a makeup artist, you can easily do this on your own and I’m here to guide you on the essentials that you must have in your makeup kit. Don’t worry, I made it sure that these are affordable, but still on their best quality.

Primer: this is what would keep your makeup in tack and it would prevent your face from going all cakey from the foundation that you will use. Maybelline has some good primers and they don’t cost too much. LA Girl also has one and it is only less than $5! It would give you the same result for day of using makeup, so I suggest you go with it. You must apply this before concealers and foundations.

Foundation (liquid): when it comes to this item, I go for full coverage and it is actually the only makeup item that I wouldn’t mind spending a bit more. I can recommend Revlon’s liquid foundation and they are mostly around $12 to $15. But since it is for a wedding, I think it is okay if you splurge on it just a little bit so I would recommend NARS’ liquid foundation. It is around $70, but there is no regret on its quality because it would look so light when you wear almost not having a foundation) and you would only need a few drops!

Mascara: I think the cheapest o far that I saw and it was really effective and it is not that bad for purchase is Maybelline’s Hype Curl. It is only $5 and I’m actually amazed on its results! The trick on not having to spend so much on Mascaras is to wear some false eyelashes. This stuff is so cheap like you could buy them in drugstores for less than $2 and you’re set!

Lipstick: Revlon has really good lipsticks along with MAC. You could buy these for about $12 and you’re good to go.

Blush On: Complete your makeup with a simple blush on from MAC and that would be less than $20.

Concealer: Revlon has some good concealers that could cost around $12 as well. You can hide those imperfections with this item and you could already look flawless on your wedding day.

These are simple makeups that would work on your wedding day. You don’t have to pay so much for these, and all you got to do next is watch some YouTube tutorials.