Men’s Shoes for Wedding

Men’s Shoes for WeddingI love to talk about shoes, especially if it is for a special occasion like this. If you think that women should only be the one taking shoes seriously, then you are wrong. I know a lot of men who are really passionate about their foot wear and it is good because that means they know how to value quality. I know how it could be hard to find the right shoes when you’re already pressured before the day of your wedding. This is why I’m here to guide you on the best shoes that you could probably ever wear by a very note-worthy designer.

I love designers who are almost famous for their work. I mean, I don’t usually go hunting for quality products from mainstream designers because I know how expensive they could get. I really usually go for upcoming designers who are already making some noise in the industry of fashion. This means that their work must be really good to at least make a name for themselves even when they are not exactly mainstream.

Right now I’m totally digging the designs and style of a Filipino designer Maco Custodio. You guys should check him out because his works are absolutely world-class! I didn’t just read about him, but I happen to have met him personally along with the shoes he has been creating. He is mostly known for his shoes for men and this is why highly recommend that you use his product for your wedding days.

His style is a little bit outside of the box and also somewhat eccentric because they don’t look like the typical shoes men would wear. But he does it with class and style that is at par with the works of Armani, Dolce and Gabbana and Versace, yes folks, he is that good! You can look him up online once you are done reading my article.

He has specific shoes that would be perfect for a wedding day for the groom. About the price, I would say they are reasonable. I know that he is also available to deliver worldwide and all you need to do is send him a request.

The passion of this dude when it comes to shoes just astounds me because his works are very intricate for the specific type of occasion that men would want their shoes to be used. He has corporate shoes that are fit for men with suitcases and coat and tie.

And then there are his wedding shoes. The one thing that I noticed when it comes to his wedding shoes for men is the fact that you could wear them whether you are in suit or tux. He also has some wedding shoes for those who would like to go achieve a semi-formal look. This means still no jeans but still a good top that says, ‘it is my wedding day.’

Check out the works of Maco Custodio and prepare to be amazed by his world-class taste on shoes.