Be Prepared for Your Photoshoot With Eyebrow Care

photoshoot portrait

You might be having your photo taken for a wedding, for fun, for your loved one, or for work. Whatever the reason, it makes a lot of sense to be prepared for your photoshoot. And one of the essential preparations that always works wonders for your apperance in photographs is to get your eyebrows in decent shape.

Your eyebrows define your face. If you’ve ever seen anyone without eyebrows, because of an illness, because they’ve gone crazy with the plucking or someone has shaved them off in a drunken incident (it happens), you’ll know how odd it looks when they’re not quite right. And the camera takes no prisoners. If your brows look crazy, so will you.

During the 1970s women more or less shaved their eyebrows off then drew them back on with an eyebrow pencil, usually a lot higher up the forehead in a unrealistically curved arch. It looked dreadful, especially when the hairs started to grow back as dark stubble. Debbie Matthews from tutor group 5M in 1976, Kings Manor Comprehensive, I am mentioning you by name! I often wonder whether your perpetually-shaved brows ever fully grew back, or if you still look surprised forty years later.

Eyebrow fashions change, of course, but at times through history the trend-settters have dictated the most extraordinary and eccentric eyebrow styles. As a rule the natural look is always best, capitalising on their original shape and not taking too much off.

If you need to pluck your eyebrows, NEVER pluck hairs from the top of the brow. You will look like a Neanderthal. Only pluck them from the bottom, and take great care. Don’t get tweezer-happy or you could easily end up with that awful situation where you keep making them uneven, ending up with none at all. Rather like the old table leg joke, where someone keeps cutting their table legs in an attempt to get them the same length, until there are none left.

The latest eyebrow trend has been a good one. It’s hard to beat the sheer elegance and beauty of a well-proportioned, generous 1950s movie star brow, a la Sofia Loren or Audrey Hepburn. But plenty of people have taken it too far. When your hair is fair and you have whacking great black eyebrows an inch wide, you look like a space alien. Take it easy and you’ll look stunning: natural and sophisticated.

Mens eyebrows haven’t escaped the trend for big, bold brows. Luckily if you’re a bloke it tends ot be easier to get it right. You have lots of eyebrow hair to play with, all you need to do is tidy up the stragglers and get rid of the hairs in the middle that make you look like you’ve got a one-brow.

Eyebrow care and eyebrow trimming start with a good quality pair of tweezers that you can grip firmly. If your eyesight’s wobbly, wear glasses when plucking or buy yourself a decent magnifying mirror. If you have a tendency to over-pluck, get a friend to sit with you and curb your enthusiasm.

Eyebrow shapes come and go. Trends change. But you were born with the perfect eyebrow shape for your face. Go with the natural flow and make the best of what you’ve got. You will enjoy much better results that way than if you try to force your brows into shapes they don’t naturally fall into.

Eyebrow wax works wonders. But don’t DIY unless you are experienced and supremely confident in your abilities. It’s so easy to get it wrong. Unless you’re a natural, waxing eyebrows is a job for the professionals. If you have a photoshoot coming up, make your brows a priority. When they’re shaped by an expert they can make you look surprisingly younger and a lot happier.

What to do if you’ve trashed yours and it’s too late to make amends before the shoot? With a bit of luck you’ll be able to arrange your hair to hide as much of your eyebrow disaster as possible. Or use an eyebrow pencil to carefully repair their shape for the camera. A hat is always a possibility, and hair extensions are handy. But to be honest, it’s best to keep them in good shape and not go too far with the plucking at all times. If you’ve ever plucked yourself into looking like a total nutter, you will already have learned that vital lesson!

One last thing. Getting older isn’t all bad. Once you’re past fifty or so, your eyebrows will slow down and not grow so fast. I haven’t needed to pluck mine for about five years. The hairs themselves might be getting longer, thicker and madder, but the shape is lovely, the exact same shape I’ve been plucking them all my life. The hairs I have always plucked out have finally given up the ghost. Result!